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Pros and Cons of Using Colored Glass in Your Home

July 21st, 2016

When it comes to using colored glass in your home design, it is important to consider the possible advantages and disadvantages that come76c677858da435caf0c09601cebc5b01 with it. While colored glass will add a unique and creative vibe to your home, it can also take away from other features.

Three main advantages of colored glass:

-Versatility: Colored glass is no longer limited to large picturesque windows. Today, you can add colored glass anywhere in your home from windows to shelves and even tabletops.

-Attractive: If you’re dealing with a somewhat bland or boring room, adding colored glass is a stylish and entertaining fix. The colored glass, whether just one color or a mix, becomes the focal point taking the attention away from the not so attractive room.

-Provides privacy: Colored glass offers less visibility making it a great option for creating a private space.


Three main disadvantages of colored glass:

-Limited Light: On the flip side, colored glass can also prevent light from getting through. For windows with designs that have a mix of dark colors, it will be even harder for light to pass through into the room.

-Obstructed Views: Although colored glass makes the inside of your room seem cozy and private, it can distort how you view individuals or objects on the other side of the glass. More often than not, when looking out a colored glass window, you are met with blurry objects and distorted colors.

-Overuse: Colored glass can be a wonderful accent piece to add a little drama and style to the room. Unfortunately for colored glass, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. A home the features colored glass for every window in a room often comes off as over the top and ends up looking tacky.

Be sure to keep these factors in mind when making your decision on what color glass is best for your design and how much should be added to a room or house.

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Using Glass to Enhance Your Home Bar

June 22nd, 2016

Using glass is a surefire way to spice the basic home bar look without needing to completely change the design of the room. As we’ve mentioned before, glass stands out for its ability to fit into any size, shape, and style of room.

Glass Shelves in a Home BarFor those with home bars, you know that presentation is half the battle. You have to rearrange bottles on shelves so that labels are visible and make it look like there is some order to it. Bars that are fully stocked could look dark with a wall lined with bottles. Rather than adding clunking wood shelves, opt for glass to brighten the look.

Glass bar tops are also a smart style choice for their aesthetic appeal. And a bonus is that they are easy clean up. It’s a bar which means there will be spills so choosing to have a glass countertop removes the worry about rings and spill spots which you may find on a wood bar. Not to mention, glass tops will last longer than wood as it does not warp or fade over time.


Aside from the longevity standpoint, glass shelves and countertops add more variety within your home with the multiple options we have. Tabletops are available in standard clear glass, Starphire (ultra-clear) glass, colored glass, patterned glass, or frosted glass. Shelves can be done in textured glass, colored glass, or frosted glass with a variety of bracket options available. The possibilities are endless on how you can pair or mix and match glass types to create a unique and coveted at home bar look.

Glass Home Bar with Glass Bar Top and Glass Shelves to Hold Bottles

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The Functionality & Benefits of Glass Shelves

May 24th, 2016


Glass shelves are an excellent option when you’re looking for more storage space. At River Glass Design, we can customize your shelves for you! With a variety of mounting and hardware options and ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and ½ inch thickness, we can accommodate any size, shape or project you want! Glass shelves have many benefits including:

– Provide extra storage space while making a room appear larger since you can see all the way to the wall.

– Enhance the view of items placed on the shelf due to its reflective nature.

– Create a visual appeal that seems to float on the wall.

– Glass shelves are just as strong and durable as other shelving materials.

– Add visual contrast and complement other elements.

– Create a lighting effect because they allow light to shine through from above and below.


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The Benefits of Glass Tabletops in Your Home

April 26th, 2016


The use of glass in the overall design of your home has many advantages. As we’ve said before, glass is versatile, stylish, durable and can be used in any space! When it comes to your dining room or kitchen, the table is not only a gathering space, but can also be the focal point of your room. Glass surfaces combine form with functionality and offer a range of design possibilities. There are actually many benefits to glass tabletops that you may not have even thought about:

Glass tabletops work well with many decor themes.

Due to their neutral appearance, they are extremely versatile and can work with an elegant or sophisticated theme or be transformed to fit a modern space.

Glass tabletops are transparent.

If you have a space that might need to look lighter and brighter, glass tabletops are the perfect option. The transparency of the glass can make a space appear larger and more open than it actually is.

Glass tabletops are simple to clean and are germ-free.

All you need to clean is a dry, clean cloth and a spray bottle of water or glass cleaner. You don’t have to worry about food or drinks staining your table. It’s easy to wipe up any spills and harmful bacteria will not be trapped. Glass tabletops can also endure high heat without cracking.



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Glass Shower Enclosures for Every Space

March 24th, 2016

awkward-3The best feature of glass is that it has the ability to open up any bathroom. Any glass enclosure that you choose keeps the design open and allows you to see from one end of the room to the other. You can customize your shower and choose from different levels of privacy to fit your needs. Even if you have an awkward space and aren’t sure how to design your shower, we can help. Our team of experts can turn any space into an open, functional bathroom by designing a custom shower that fits any space, size or shape you may have.

There are a few options you can choose from:

Frameless. These mean exactly what they are called, frameless. The shower door is completely made of glass. They are a great way to add a WOW factor in your bathroom. These are an investment that last, with little maintenance or repair. Since there are fewer metal parts, there is less cleaning on a regular basis. You can add your own personality with a wide selection of handles and hardware finishes. They are truly a stunning feature.

– Our frameless showers use ½ inch glass panels and ⅜ inch doors for maximum stability. No header is needed in most cases and the hinges have a lifetime warranty. Fixed pales are held in place with a ¾ inch channel or 2×2 inch clamps.

Semi-frameless and framed. These are affordable enclosures that make a significant design impact. Both have a framed perimeter, but a semi-frameless door has no channel at the top, bottom or on the handle side. They do an excellent job at sealing in water and are also easy to maintain. And they’re affordable options!

– We let our customers choose the right showers for them, so we allow them to pick their hardware finish to match the rest of the house.

Bathtub enclosures. These add a sophisticated glass enclosure to the base of an existing bathtub. We offer a few different options: euro mid panels, sliders, framed, semi-frameless or frameless enclosures. You can also ask about the Skyline Bypass shower we offer.

– Mid panels can be mounted to the wall with hinges or fixed in place with a ¾ inch channel or 2×2 inch clamps.

– A slider (semi-frameless tub enclosure) uses a header and bottom sill with completely frameless doors. This type is available in ¼ inch or ⅜ inch thickness.

– Frameless glass tub enclosures follow the specifications of frameless showers but are custom fitted to your tub.

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