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Monday, July 19th, 2010

Leo JGL Inception 1024x682 InceptionThis weekend I saw Inception. It was an amazing, mind-bending, intellectual thriller. A truly unique movie that was brilliantly executed. But what was really eye catching was the frameless shower.

The what!? Yeah, that’s right the frameless shower. When everyone goes into the second level dream, they end up in some swanky hotel. At one point they enter one of the rooms and very clearly in the background is a beautiful frameless shower, that they show at least twice. Did River Glass Designs install that particular shower…Maybe we did and maybe we didn’t. We didn’t. But we could have if someone had asked nicely, I’m looking at you DiCaprio!

Now if you want the same shower featured in, what is so far, the years best film just give us a call. I’m sure you’ve been wanting to call us for awhile now anyway… In fact this is all your idea… Isn’t it!?

BAM!!! You’ve just been incepted…

Christian F.

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The Upgrade Game

Monday, March 15th, 2010

used car salesman The Upgrade GameAt River Glass Designs, we believe in giving our customers the finest quality products. We carry ultra clear glass for the consumer who doesn’t want to see any green edges. We carry ShowerGuard for those clients who have hard water. We have an extensive hardware choice so each client can find something that fits their taste. We even have diamond fusion to make your glass more scratch resistant.

What we don’t have is a team of salesmen working off commission. Think of them as resources. If there is a product you’re interested in, they won’t tell you why you have to get it, they will simply tell you the pros and cons of the product and help you decide if it’s right for you. There may even be less expensive ways for you to achieve the desired result.

Even with our frameless showers, we offer two standard style hinges that include a lifetime warranty, one is contemporary the other is traditional. The standard handle we provide is also the most popular handle. It’s sleek, elegant and will compliment your frameless shower no matter what your style. And we provide it all in three standard finishes, Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. The three most popular finishes at no extra charge.

So remember, at River Glass Designs our focus is not on getting you to upgrade what you buy, but rather, to understand what you want.

Christian F.

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Don’t Feel Limited with Your Glass Bathtub Enclosure

Monday, March 1st, 2010

slider 231x300 Dont Feel Limited with Your Glass Bathtub Enclosure

At River Glass Designs We don’t want our customers to feel limited on their shower options. For instance if you have just had a beautiful bathtub installed, you may be thinking you have to put up a shower curtain or a slider, and while we have great looking sliders, they are not your only option.

We can put in a European Mid-Panel as we have discussed before, or we can install a frameless bathtub enclosure.

tub enclosure 200x300 Dont Feel Limited with Your Glass Bathtub Enclosure

Yeah you heard right, a beautiful frameless shower enclosure for your bath tub. River Glass Designs, satisfying all your glass needs.

Christian F.

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Need Help?

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

shower 2 300x193 Need Help?

At River Glass Designs we are dedicated to helping our customers. Sometimes our customer need help visualizing their new frameless shower, mirrors, backsplashes, etc.

How can we help?

Well, for instance, if you’re getting a new frameless shower, send us a photo of your bathroom, answer a few simple questions and we will have one of our artists craft a beautiful depiction of what your new frameless shower will look like.

shower 300x193 Need Help?

It’s just another small way River Glass Designs can give our customers they deserve. If you can think of more ways we can help, leave a comment and let us know…

kitchen 5 300x193 Need Help?

Christian F.

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What You Deserve

Monday, February 15th, 2010

dsc 0068 300x200 What You Deserve

Here at River Glass Designs we like to give our customers a little something more than just an installation. We like to give our customers peace of mind. That’s why we give them a Lifetime Warranty on our Hinges. If anything goes wrong just give us a call and we will be out to fix the issue.
That warranty comes from us River Glass Designs, not the hinge manufacturer.

And now to make things even more exciting we are extending our hinge line up. We have added a new square hinge. It’s a sleek design perfect for a bold contemporary look. We still have our traditional hinge as well, for a softer more elegant feel. Each hinge includes our signature lifetime warranty.

dsc 0065 300x200 What You Deserve

And both are available in a variety of finishes…

dsc 0078 300x200 What You Deserve

So give your frameless shower the hinge it deserves and we will give you the service, the quality and the warranty that you deserve.

Christian F.

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