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Awkward Spaces

Many River Glass Designs customers come to us with an awkward space for their shower and are not sure how to create an open and comfortable shower enclosure within their unique bathroom layout. Fortunately the River Glass Designs team is full of experts that specialize in custom designs. We can turn any awkward space into an open, functional bathroom by designing a custom glass shower that will fit any shape, size, or space you may have.

View of a bathroom design for awkward spaces.

view of a bathroom

view of a bathroom

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Large Bathrooms

For many homeowners, designing a large bathroom is just as much a challenge as it is a luxury. With the right design, spacious bathrooms can be luxurious AND functional. One such challenge may call for a unique design and installation of a custom water closet and frameless shower enclosure that allows for a modern, open layout. Frosted glass on the shower enclosure allows natural light to come in while still maintaining privacy. The possibilities are endless.

views of large bathroom

views of large bathroom 2