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Today was to be a very special blog that led off with a Redskins victory and was followed by a very special look at two River Glass Designs couples.

The Redskins obviously had other ideas. To be honest though, I commend them for falling to 2-1, 3-0 sounds so pretentious! But there were two things that offered a silver lining last night. 1) After weeks of deciding what type of Quarterback to be, Rex Grossman has, simply, decided to be himself. And isn’t that what we want from everyone, for them to just be themselves…2) and this is the important one, both teams were able to bring national attention to the FGA – Field Goal Awareness. In fact I hear the organization is working on taglines right now. Some front runners are Field Goals: They’re points Too! And my personal favorite: Field Goals, Not Just Because You Have To, But Because You Want To!

But enough about that let’s get to the really good stuff. We want to give a, very special, congratulations to two couples who celebrated their anniversaries.

Frist, Gary (our owner) and Diane (his boss) celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Sunday. 35 YEARS! Their marriage is older than most of our employees! Now if you’re wondering what these two are like – Diane is a sweet, soft spoken kind hearted women and Gary is a fun loving, fair and honest man. And if you’re thinking the only reason I’m saying those nice things, is because they sign my checks, then you would be wrong! But it is the main reason…

The other special couple is Megan (my girlfriend) and Jamie (it’s a soft J) who celebrated their anniversary on Monday. Megan is Gary and Diane’s daughter. Now I know what you’re thinking how could Megan marry Hi’may when she clearly loves me. Well we both decided it would be for the best that she marries Jamella, since she and I work together and will still see each other every day. But in all seriousness, they have been married for the last 7 years and two beautiful children. And soon Megan will return to work, here I the office, once again completing our work family.

So Happy Anniversary Megan and Jaymee…keep on um…keep on truckin!

And Happy Anniversary Gary and Diane…keep the paychecks comin!

Christian F.

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  • wg says:

    When I adopt you I’m going to get you a pair of those awesome cowboy boots. Thanks for being part of our family. The check is in the mail?

    Old man River!

  • Anna says:

    Field Goal Awareness is a really important issue these days…thanks for helping spread the word River Glass!

  • Katlin Black says:

    Happy Anniversary Aunt Diane and Gary, I love you so much and you both are awesome people.