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Frameless Glass Shower Estimates

These days people seem to be looking for quality coupled with speed. There was a time when, if someone really wanted something, something done right, they were willing to wait for it.

I miss those times. Now people want things done right and right now. So quite frequently, people want to know how fast our frameless shower process is.

Hey River Glass Designs how fast are you? How fast are we? How FAST are WE? Well not to brag but, we made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs! Yeah, that fast.

Actually we can usually be out for a free in home measure within 2 to 4 days of your initial call. Once we come out and discuss design, layout, and options, we will try and have your proposal to you within 24 hours. Then my friend, the ball is in your court.

Once you give us your approval, we can order your hardware, fabricate your glass, send it out to be tempered and show up to your house for install, all in about 2 weeks. Not bad for a custom handmade frameless shower.

Now I’m sure some of you Nay-Sayers are like:

“TWO WEEKS?! How can I go two weeks without a shower?!

My only reply to that is – what have you been doing up until this point?

Seriously though, perhaps you got excited and ripped out your old shower, or you have moved into a new home that needs a shower enclosure, in those cases here are some suggestions:

1) You can put that gym membership you ambitiously got in January to good use by showering there. Bring shower shoes though, athlete’s foot is yucky.

2) You can go to a neighbor’s house to say “hi” or to “talk.” While there excuse yourself to use the bathroom, hint that it’s number 2 to buy yourself some time. Find a bathroom with a shower and BAM, in your face neighbors! And finally…

3) You can always, from the comfort of your own bathroom, grab a rag and “wash-up” in the sink. It really works, as long as your goal is to not be clean or smell good. Yeah, if your goal is to simply moisten the dirt on your body so you can spread it all over yourself like a thin layer of frosting, then it works great!

…You should probably call us right now and get the ball rolling…

Christian F.

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  • Anna says:

    LOL. After looking at the other options, I think I’d just wait patiently for the new frameless shower.

  • david says:

    I think i’ll take the two week change! hahah. nope.

  • Micah Lacourse says:

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