Man Down!

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It has attracted many men.

Initially, with the promise of land, freedom and gold.

The promise now is similar, but we call it fortune and fame.

Still many have headed west in search of something more. Some find it, and some find that they already had it all along.

Well, this year the temptress that is California claims one of our very own. One Mr. Justin Stanfield. That’s right, the kid with the so-so face and the hot wife is headed to tinsel town.

Over the years Justin has not just proven his value to River Glass Designs, the company, but even more so to River Glass Designs, the family. We all love him and will miss him more than he knows. We anxiously await his return…In fact I’ve been dreaming about it… I can see it as clear as day…

…We’re racing thru opposite ends of the forest, until we both come to a clearing. Our eyes meet from across the meadow and we begin racing toward each other. The distance is small but, it seemingly takes a lifetime to close the gap between us. Our hands finally touch and we dance in circles, knowing true happiness in that instance. Then I immediately begin to have a massive asthma attack, since I have no business running and dancing in a field filled with flowers. And as the pollen begins to fill my lungs, I take my last breath…

But wait! A small glowing finger touches me and once again I began to breath. Completely reinvigorated, I high five the little brown alien who has just saved my life. Then he tells me to phone home…and I say to him: “I will phone home my friend…I will phone home…


Justin and Whitney We All Love You And Wish You The Best – Don’t Forget About Us.

Christian F.

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