Looking for a Custom Mirrors near McLean, Virginia?

Polished Edge Mirror, McLean, VA
River Glass Designs installs custom mirrors in McLean, Virginia.

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River Glass Designs is an award-winning, locally-owned mirror company serving McLean, VA from 22101 through 22109. We offer a wide variety of custom shower products and services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the McLean, Virginia area, including custom mirrors, mirrored walls, and mirrored cabinets.

A River Glass Designs craftsman fabricates every mirror to ensure a perfect fit for even the most challenging space. Mirrors are available in ¼ inch or ⅛ inch thickness, with antique finishes, polished or beveled edges. Call or click – we are happy to help you figure out any custom mirror needs.

Our products come with a one year full workmanship warranty. Contact one of our customer service representatives for more details.

Ask about special mounting and installation options.